Personal Training


The gym offers a wide range of fitness services for our members and guest, with the latest in cardio and strength training equipment.

Standard Personal Training:
AED 2400 Member & AED 2550 Non Member = 10 Sessions x 60 minute sessions.

Our key objectives are to ensure that our clients see results and achieve their fitness goals... you feel you are gaining the most from your current exercise program?

If not, now is the time to add personal training to your exercise regime. A personal trainer will help you gain maximum benefit from the time you spend exercising by improving your technique; increasing your motivation, introducing variety and helping you fully understand the potential of yourself both physically and mentally.  Personal training will lead to achievement and fulfillment as you have the great advantage in undivided attention of an exercise professional.

Injury Specific Personal Training:
AED 165 Member & AED 175 Non Member = 1 Session x 30 minute sessions.

Aching Knees? Stiff Lower Back? Sore Shoulder?...
These are very typical exercise related ailments.  And no, they are not a sign that you are getting old - just a sign that your body may need a little more looking after.

These ailments for many of us are something that we have lived with for many years, something that we tend to work through - rather than work on.  For the majority of us, they can be reduced massively or even eradicated entirely through proper manual assessment and correctional movements.

You can now book in for a 30 minute session and find a solution for your aches and pains.

Golf Specific Personal Training:
AED 2650 Member & AED 2850 Non Member = 10 Sessions x 60 minute sessions

We all want to hit the Ball Better, Further and more consistently than our fellow golfers.

Golf being the wonderfully frustrating sport which it is, means that all those 3 things can alter from hole to hole and round to round. There is a weak link, and it tends to be the body.  Stiffness, Inflexibility, Lack of Motion, Injuries and Fatigue plague not only the game of golf but day to day life.  By overcoming these, means you hold the key to making rapid and consistent improvements in your golfing game.
Do you want to add 30 yards off the tee? Enhance the spin and control with your wedges? Or simply feel better? If so then our golf specific training programs can help you.

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